Accomplish even more with our new chat widget!

So, how does it differ from the one you see to the right? Well, it has multiple chat rooms, group conversations, offline messaging and different design. Essentially, it’s geared towards the needs of your online community even better.

Ok, let me see it Nope, I’m good

Not trying to push anything on you. We just want you to make the most informed decision possible.

Need details about our online chat software?

We have 50+ reasons why Chatwee social chat widget is so unique. Check them out!

🛇 Fast & Easy Setup

  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Register for 7 day trial period and test any plan you wish
  • Get your one line of code, embed it on your website and Bob's your uncle!

Software as Service

  • Cloud-based, so it keeps your site running fast
  • Automatic handling of chat software updates
  • Database maintenance, backups, server security
  • The app is hosted on rocket-fast servers

📎 Chat & Share

  • Share files with your visitors in a simple and intuitive way
  • Autolink functionality for all the users
  • Share videos and photos with automatic preview on the chat wall
  • Sharing rich media content increases engagement
  • Users can rate shared messages and media

Public & Private Chat Mode

  • Visitors can talk in public mode using group chat
  • Start a private conversation with any person available from the user list
  • Chat privately in separate windows (Facebook-like) or in one compact window
  • Ignore private chats button
  • Block abusers functionality

🔄 Real-time updating

  • Chat software updates automatically, no need to refresh the browser
  • Online user list and user counter
  • Sound notifications
  • Immediate geolocation of users
  • Automatic reconnection

🕔 Browse, Explore & Chat

  • Insert chat box into a specific container on website
  • Embed chat widget into the bottom of webpage using the 'fixed' option
  • Pop-out chat button
  • Visitors can browse the site and chat simultaneously
  • No need to log in over and over again while exploring the site
  • Multi-tab synchronization

🔿 Lightweight

  • Strict HTML5
  • No plugins like Flash or Java required
  • Every line of code is designed to maximize the communication without taxing the load time

Modern Interface

  • Clean and non-distractive interface provides for highly intuitive usage
  • Beautiful design with every detail powered by CSS3
  • Minimize or even turn off the chat software, if necessary
  • Built-in tooltips for instant support

View Modes

  • Resize your widget horizontally and vertically
  • Change the appearance: from the full-size ('Facebook-like') to the compact mode
  • Move your widget to the left or right side with a single click
  • Set your own default sizes and mode view
  • All chat users can adjust the size to their own preferences

Rich chat widget content

  • User search tool
  • 'User is typing...' indicator
  • Time shown indicates how long ago the message was sent
  • Smileys can be enabled/disabled in Control Panel
  • Very handy, resizeable and modern-looking message input field
  • Enable the browser tab blink to get a new message notification
  • Highly-intuitive drop-down chat menu
  • Sounds can be permanently turned off in Control Panel
  • Turn on geolocation by displaying country flags in the chat user list
  • IRC-style commands
  • Spell checker
  • Ad-free experience

Control Panel

  • Highly intuitive and user friendly dashboard
  • Manage and personalize your chat software in one place
  • Chat widget can be easily disabled without removing the code with a single click, if required
  • Access Control Panel directly from the chat window


  • Name your social chat, display it in the header and become more recognizable
  • Choose your own background, border and text colors using a simple color-picker tool
  • Set your own prompt in the message input field saying, for instance, 'Hello! Make yourself heard.'
  • Decide whether you'd like to display messages in elegant bubbles with avatars or as plain text
  • Choose the shape of avatars: circular, square or rounded
  • Fully editable welcoming cloud makes your online chat system more noticeable for new visitors

🔑 Full Authorization Control

  • Integrate Single Sign-on
  • Anonymous Login ('Chat as a Guest') feature can be turned on
  • New visitors can create universal Chatwee accounts
  • Integration with social websites - Facebook and Twitter login
  • The auto-login option can be enabled in Control Panel
  • 'Remember me' functionality
  • Guest posting can be turned off
  • Public chat can be disabled/enabled

📊 Analytics

  • Test stats updated within milliseconds of actual events
  • View your chat activity stats like the number of visitors, messages sent and many more
  • Search for particular archived public messages

Content Management

  • Review and moderate your group chat history
  • Get rid of unwanted content by simple deletion
  • Profanity filter helps to specify words and phrases to be filtered
  • Create a list of moderators/admins
  • 'Hide me on the user list' feature for admins
  • Ban abusers and spammers once and for all

🔒 Security and Privacy

  • Enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Chatwee is always hosted separately from your website
  • The app does not interfere with your code


  • Works great with most popular CMS like Wordpress, vBulletin, Drupal and Joomla
  • All major modern browsers are supported
  • Available for Windows and MAC OS X
  • Responsive design for all major mobile devices

🌎 Multilingual

  • Available localizations: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, Bengali, Telugu, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian and Vietnamese
  • Right-to-Left Language Support
  • More translations coming soon. Want to help translate our social chat? Let us know.